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Mobile Scaffolding Hire

Mobile Scaffolding For Hire in Auckland

Titan Scaffolding is now moving into the Rental Scaffolding Market, We will be specializing in aluminium mobile towers and Mobile Scaffolding For Hire in Auckland which can use for most inside and outside situations.
Perfect for the DIYers, Tradies, builders and painters on any Residential and Commercial situations, comes with all required components to make it legal for use.


Single Width

Mobile Scaffolding Auckland

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---- FOR HIRE ----- Single Width Tower 6m Reach

2 platforms Levels 2m and 4m ( Size of Scaffold 2.5m x 0.9m )

$ 233

Double Width

Mobile Scaffolding Auckland

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---- FOR HIRE ---- Double Width Tower 6m Reach

2 platform Levels 2m and 4m ( Size of Scaffold, 2.5m x 1.4m )

$ 111

Mini Mobile

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Scaffolding Rental Options

Do you need mini mobile scaffolding or a mobile scaffolding tower solution? At Titan Scaffolding, we understand that buying your own scaffolding is not always the answer. Maybe you won’t use the scaffolding enough to justify the purchase. Maybe you have nowhere to store it. Whatever your reasons, we have the solution, as our scaffolding solutions are also available to rent.

You’ll get the same quality and service standards when you choose to rent a scaffolding solution from Titan Scaffolding:

  • Highly functional design made from top-quality components.
  • Designs that exceed all quality and safety standards.
  • Scaffolding solutions that are built to be strong and durable.
  • Range of options to suit your requirements.
  • Full kits with optional accessories for specialist applications.

One huge benefit of our scaffolding solutions is that you don’t need a scaffolding licence to erect them. The law says you must have a licence if the scaffolding is over 5m in height. As the platforms on all our solutions are below 5m, this law doesn’t apply.

We do recommend you have some skills and expertise to properly assemble and disassemble the scaffolding, but the options we have available for rent are designed to be used by anyone.

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