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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t. You need a licence if the scaffolding you are erecting is over 5m in height. However, all our solutions are below this threshold, so there is no requirement for a licence.

We normally supply our solutions as complete kits, but you can also buy the individual components as required. This is ideal if you need replace lost parts or want to add on for a different setup.

We package all our units on palettes, some units are in boxes, this helps to reduce the cost of shipping and minimize delays, and protect the components. We deliver to anywhere in Auckland Central, North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland, South Auckland. Also Complete units can be delivered to most Cities around New Zealand using Mainfreight.


It sure is. Our scaffolding solutions comply with all New Zealand regulations. We also go further, however, as our products also exceed best practice standards set by the scaffolding industry.

The maximum platform height that we supply is 4m (This offers a 6m reach height).  This makes these units suitable for a wide range of applications.

No, handrails are included in all the products we sell, both top and bottom handrails for each platform on your unit. Units come with all necessary parts to be fully compliant when working in Commercial and residential situations.

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